A Learning platform to enable Data Fluency.

With more data being collected than ever before and the highest demand ever for Skilled Data Talent, we are Tackling Talent Deficit in Africa.

A Data Science Learning Platform.

Companies can’t find the talent they need, on the other hand, there’s a large group of people with limited access to high-quality educational resources (due to price and availability). Since 2019, we have been helping individuals and organisations become data literate through engaging, industry-driven Data Science Programs.

More Problem solving; Less tool-centric

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    30% Online 70% Class

    Learn via electronic and online media as well as traditional face-to-face teaching to allow learners to continue working as they acquire new skills.

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    Localised & Project Based

    We offer skills that are relevant to the continent using real-life case studies and data from Africa which makes it relevant for professionals who are working locally.

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