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Best happy ending las vegas

Best happy ending las vegas

Name: Jemmy

Age: 25
City: San Pasqual Valley, Brook Park
Hair: Long natural
Relation Type: Swinger Woman Wants Australia Dating Site
Seeking: Seeking Sexy Dating
Relationship Status: Divorced


I said only if the massage is that great. So I get into the room and await my massage.


Yea yea, a massage parlor is supposed to offer happy endings but for people who come in for a legit massage, you'd figure they'd treat them with the least bit of decency I said only if the massage is that great.

A must do! Choose Bali, link below.

It was only about a ten minute drive from the strip. Or was it for that poor massage that you gave me? It is not just a foot massage.

I would pass on this next time. Too bad I didn't have a tape recorder on me or else I would've sent it straight to the police station and even posted it all over Youtube. They run from 18 to 30 Dollars an hour.

What an adventure. There are tons of them in China town. Seriously started with a head, scalp face massage while my feet were soaking.

Re: Best cheap massage on or around the strip 4 years ago Save Copy paste of write up I did about one of the a fore mentioned foot massage on spring mountain places He messed my hair up royally. He knew how I responded that my bad shoulder was als me.

At one point while I am facing down he is on top of me but not laying on me but like well hard to explain but he was pushing my shoulder blade up and out with his hands and pushing my opposite leg out while above me. She was quite adamant about the not including tips part as she repeated it a couple uappy. Hubby said not only did I walk out all disheveled with big smile, my young man was behind me thanking me again and again all smiled up himself.

I would've reported her to the cops if Vegas wasn't being run by the Mafia. So I get into the room and await my massage.

I did research to find a great reviewed one. Quite an interesting experience too! I had read about these foot reflexology "spas" before this last trip and decided I was in!

I tipped him very nicely. It is a head to toe work out.

You had to be there I guess. I was lucky to get a young man with strong hands.

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