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Castrated cuckold stories

Castrated cuckold stories

Name: Leonore

Age: 53
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Hair: Dyed blond
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It was late, about 1. I have collected some lovely creamy cum just for you!


I didn't realise storis how wide ranging, how absolute David's admiration was. But Claudia sensed that immediately, shook her head and smiled. I continued We started to relax and even giggle and Claudia told David to look down at the floor. I was wearing a severe pair of high laced Victorian leather boots, tight jeans and a flouncy white blouse.

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Lewis Brown tells about his cuckold and castration fantasy. I would also like Steve to be present during some not all of my meets and for him to be able watch and display his castrated status to my bull. They're going to allow three months to see if a castrated man will bend to will. There was a lovely video sequence where David brought me a tray brekafast in the boudoir, Ambrose having gone out to a shooting party.

I will just pinch back the base muscles of his penis further into his groin.

Ccuckold men under 6 inches should be castrated. I winced imperceptibly. I felt flattered, a little frightened, but Ambrose was certain we should do it, so we accepted and the film crew came and stayed in the house for a week so we could get all the 'living' excerpts and the interview sequences.

God this was lovely with cum dripping out of both her fucked holes and my little cock pressed painfully against the cage. I can understand the circumcision but to loose my balls?!? Well done Sam and good job Steve! Smiling, he next slices the front and continues around to the right side of the base of my scrotum, letting it fall back in front of my asshole.

Just like david

That little tongue stud was sliding back and forth, and up and down my slit. Her activity with other men also increased and she was gathering cream-pies every other day. It's a common enough thing. I smiled at him. To give me some assistance she took off her top and played with her lovely ripe breasts.

David was then to lick me out, after Ambrose and I had fucked that night. As he beats me he starts to undress me — tearing the clothes off me — this really turns Sharon on as she sees her lover first physically destroy, and then totally humiliate her man. Finally I had finished and knelt back to take a breather. They both fucked me in turn for about 2 hours and I received all of their lovely cum in my pussy. She put her arms around his broad back to steady herself.

It was simply less confusing to seperate us out as his superiors that way. The pattern of the submission varied.

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I wanted babies to come from men like him. He had just been amazing. There are characteristics about Ambrose, his intelligence, his physique, his strong health and mind, they were things that should make a baby. Sam felt it would be more perfect for me to think about what she was up to and for her to bring home the bulls come for me to eat from her used pussy- hence the pussy plug!

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Some men were quite visibly and cruelly enslaved. She never showered after her excursions as she wanted me to smell the sex of other sotries on her. Fantasy: Sharon and Frank become lovers, but after a while he becomes very angry at having to meet surreptitiously.

We are very public about the arrangment. Sam rang the door bell and it was opened by quite a menacing looking large white guy who was just wearing a pair of jogging bottoms his muscled chest was bare.

Stkries felt that it would be best done right away and following the ing of consent forms I was booked in cstrated the surgery that afternoon. A nice man is nice, not because of his prowess in bed, not because he is breeding material, but because he is nurturing. We want other people to live this way. I feel intense contentment.

You see, no one really had a tongue stud put in just to look or feel sexy these days.

Cuckold castration stories

As such he knew my physiology well and agreed that it was a relatively simple procedure particularly as my scrotum cuuckold been removed. Husbands could be taught to adore cuclold man who had beaten them and taken their woman. But being castrated reduces your aggressive male nature. Sharon is upset — although she prefers him sexually, she still likes me; so she tells him no, that she has a better idea — and whispers it to him.

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He had to talk intelligntly, but compliantly to the interviwers alright? I was quite excited by the idea and had always harboured a secret desire to watch Sam being fucked by a stud.

In view of this his balls and scrotum were considered superfluous to our sexual needs and have been completely removed. Once she had pushed my limp cock and ball sack back into its chastity cage and locked it she got into bed and was soon asleep.

He says, "Hello, Lewis, I'm Frank. If you walked through any maternity depts the evidence was obvious. Even though I'm thoroughly castdated, I still have to scream in agony — but both Frank and Sharon notice that while he is in me, I, in turn, develop my own huge erection.

We were to be interviewed on that leather sofa surely the real star of the showI dressed in jodphurs and riding boots, and David seated at my knee, dressed in what looked like Victorian working class attire. She came over and handed David a beer.

Cuckold stories

You only had to see Ambrose and I together, to compare his physique and Davids and the pictures told their own telling story. I was meant to hold firm here. You would however still have the same physical feeling as you get now.

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