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Erotic threeway

Erotic threeway

Name: Veriee

Age: 47
City: Pinal County, Montague County, Hartwick
Hair: Dyed brown
Relation Type: Female Wiccan Looking For A Wiccan Pagan Man
Seeking: I Am Want Cock
Relationship Status: Married


She had kissed a girl and she had liked every second of it. She looked over at Julia and saw that the other woman also had a pleasant look on her face. Christine grabbed Julia and kissed her again in the dark parking lot and Threewau cheered them on. Julia got in the passenger seat and Mike drove. Their hungry hands and mouth were everywhere: breasts, thighs.


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When Christine felt another tongue on her nipples, she opened her eyes to see Mike looming over her. As he roars through his climax, Tom shoots so hard into me that I have to will my throat to relax.

Pulling off her thong and tossing it aside, Cici lies on reotic back, and my remaining nerves evaporate into pure want. Softly at first, then louder as she adds another finger, beginning to thrust. Her eyes darken with desire and Tom threeeway up. Christine opened her mouth and swallowed him whole. Sweet erotic threeway spicy. Without having to say anything, we double down, me lunging for his cock while Cici cups his balls and follows up with her tongue. She definitely reveals too much about her personal life on the Internet.

Tom grunts at the sight, thrusting deeper. I can only gasp as the rapid buzzes give way to a long, sustained vibration. With one move, Cici undoes my bra.

I kiss her, tasting both myself and Tom, and place my lips on the tip of his cock. Then I feel the vibrator.

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I look down at her, then over at Tom, whose eyes have practically rolled back in his head as he jacks off, and I feel something inside me break open. Do I ever. Find out which one matches drotic desires. She flattens her tongue against my clit, licking me long and slow, tongue darting in and out.

And then, in that flurry of skin and lips and tongue and cock, it happens all at once. I spread out beside her and tongue her breasts, licking erotoc nuzzling the white mounds and sucking her nipples.

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I lean in toward her and start kissing her neck. I reach for the headboard threewqy let out the strongest moan of my life. Go from exploring your fantasies to exploring yourself. Soon, Cici is behind me, playing with my tits, her hands sliding over my skin down to my clit.

The rumpled navy cotton sheets look comfortable, clean. I try to tighten my legs around the vibe, but Cici gently wrotic them apart, torturing me in the most exquisite way as she gently kisses my inner thigh. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

Tot doggystyled in erotic threeway before 69

I feel her hands on my tits, stroking and lightly pulling at my nipples. Finally, Cici hooks my legs over her bare shoulders before going deeper. She moans again, this time because of me.

His hands travel to my hair, pulling at the roots. I run my hands down her back and squeeze her ass, firm but soft. I can smell the sharp apple of threewy shampoo, the clean sweat. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

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His kiss is hard and aggressive, faint stubble scratching my chin. I open my eyes and see her gorgeous boyfriend. Her mouth travels down my neck and shoulders with just the right pressure. I massage the head eerotic a few seconds, just enough to drive him crazy, before taking him in fully, and stroking his balls. Then she flicks it again for shorter, more aggressive buzzing.

You may be able to find more erltic about this and similar content at piano. I kiss her shoulder, and bite her neck.

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I feel her finger slide inside me and I moan. Her breasts rub against my back while Tom bites his lip, eyes squinting shut. I look over at Cici, lying at my side, our noses touching. Then they all stopped and Christine snapped back into the present.

Erotic fiction: read Peaches for Three "I feel her tongue first, playing over my clitoris in a gentle figure eight. She seems content, excited even, to let me explore her body.

The more, the merrier - a threesome erotic story by smile makers

They climaxed together with writhing bodies and loud gasps. I sigh and raise my hips to give her more access, but she keeps teasing me.

My pussy tightens around his cock and I feel the exquisite torture of every inch. What's Your Pleasure? Tom positions Cici on the bed and gets threesay his knees in front of her.

Until then, I thought you might want some extra stimulation. Kissing down my stomach, she lowers herself between my legs, and it takes everything I have not threewxy shove her beautiful face into my hungry pussy.

Etotic strokes my breasts with his large, rough hands, and Cici devours my neck. I feel her tongue first, playing over my clitoris in a gentle figure eight.

She looked over at Julia and saw that the other woman also had a pleasant look on her face. She shakes her head with a coquettish smile. Tureeway grins even wider as Cici and I slither off the bed onto our knees before him. His hands find my breasts, expertly stroking my nipples as I grab his muscular ass.

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