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Famous couples history

Famous couples history
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We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. The 20 Greatest Real Couplfs Love Stories from History In anticipation of Valentine's Day, we take a spin through history's greatest lovers—star crossed, cursed, life-long, and everything in between. Jan 21, Getty Images Love is a powerful emotion. Throughout history couples in love have caused wars and controversy, created masterpieces in writing, music, and art, and have captured the hearts of the public with the power of their bonds. From the allure of Cleopatra to the magnetism of the Kennedy's, these love affairs have stood as markers in history.


Together, Victoria and Albert projected an image of happy coupledom that the public couplrs aspire to, and the royals became well respected and loved once more.

Famous historical couples

Their marriage in forged a diplomatic peace between the foreign settlers and the indigenous people of the Virginia colony. Nonetheless, the story has it that Queen Eleanor did not rest until she found the labyrinth and traced it to the center, where she uncovered her ravishing rival. Carter Cash notably helped her husband overcome an addiction to amphetamines, and when she passed away inCash died just four months later.

Long before they were married, Kutcher and Kunis were Kelso and Jackie—the vain, not-so-bright couple on That '70s Show.

Eliot, F. Histort may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Anne was crowned alongside her husband on 6 July They shared an open relationship for much of their adult lives, acting as lovers and editors for each other's greatest works. This is an image 6 of 19 Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger As individuals they were impressive - an American model and a British rock legend - but together they were iconic.

Fast forward to and they are the world's favourite couple and expanding their family.

The 12 most famous couples in history: lessons in love | elitesingles

The pair even share a birthday as well as two children. Inthe authors of a new book about Jackie claimed the couple were heading for divorce when the president was shot dead in November When Albert passed away, Queen Victoria embraced her inner goth and wore black for the next 40 years. Fox and Tracy Pollan, Married Since July 16, Fox and Pollan turned their on-screen relationship from the 80's sitcom Family Ties into a real-life romance when the pair got hitched in She is credited for being the reason why Paul returned to music after the break-up of The Beatles.

I really love you. Cleopatra and Mark Antony c. Regardless, the beautiful young lovers on the run from the law continue to inspire almost a century later. This artifice imposed unbearable stresses upon them both.

That same day, the royal marriage was annulled. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert — Before he bestowed his name upon the popular piercing, Prince Albert was married to Queen Victoria for 21 years.

couple She could have had anything or anyone she wanted, but she fell passionately in love with the Roman General Mark Antony. In SeptemberWinfrey told Vogue that both she and Stedman are traditional, and that if they'd gotten married, then their relationship wouldn't have famus. The second time, they were adults, and while walking on the street in Florence, Beatrice, an emerald-eyed beauty, turned and greeted Dante before continuing on her way.

7 of the most memorable couples in history

The two of them shared a love of the mind—"Soul meets soul on lovers' lips," he wrote—but physical desire swept them away too, consummated near the grave of Mary's mother. Einstein had an affair with his cousin while he was married to Maric. Nonetheless, she was "the glorious lady of my mind," he couplea, and "she is my beatitude, the destroyer of all vices and the queen of virtue, salvation. When Pierre was killed inMarie was appointed to his position at historg Sorbonne, where he had been a professor of physics.

The 12 most famous couples in history: lessons in love

After 45 years married, Johnny and June passed famos just 3 months apart; a fitting and romantic end for an iconic musical duo, and one of the most famous couples in history. He had such a presence and reputation that there were very few men who would stand up to him. The more than 1, letters they wrote to each other offer a window into John and Abigail's mutual devotion and abiding friendship. Stein, a poet, memoirist and contributor to the modern and post-modern movements, spent her days writing while Toklas typed her manuscripts and kept the house in order.

The pair have been historically tight-lipped about their relationship.

The 76 most famous & iconic couple of all time

Antony married someone else for political reasons, Cleo got wind of this while pregnant by Antony but forgave him. Beloved by the public, the first lady was dubbed and memorialized as "Evita. The pair did not meet again for another four years.

The two fsmous in love while Putnam was still married to his first wife. When they ran away to Europe, it caused a major scandal, but the couple proclaimed themselves indifferent to judgment. Shah Jahan: making boyfriends look bad since As most people might do when proposed to by a stranger, Coretta gently rebuked Dr King, saying she hardly knew him.

Remarkable relationships: 7 memorable couples & romances in history - historyextra

Jan 21, Getty Images Love is a powerful emotion. Choosing love over kingship, the Duke of Windsor spent most of his life outside the royal family as the couple married and settled in France.

The two famosu not tied the knot, but their decades-long partnership demonstrates their dedication to one another. Marie and Pierre Curie — As many EliteSingles articles have ly suggestedsharing a hobby with your lover is a fantastic way to feel close and connected. Martin Luther King Jr. In their divorce settlement, Einstein agreed to give Maric any prize money in the event that he won the Nobel Prize. Their marriage of 31 years was a collaboration of love and talent, and between them, they earned several Grammy Awards.

20 best love stories of all time - famous couples & lovers in history

While Iman is known as a pioneer among black models in the fashion industry and recognized for deing the first line of cosmetics for women of color, Bowie was renowned for his rock 'n' roll legacy, which includes contributions to the glitter rock genre as well as a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award and countless hit singles.

Rosamund chose the poison.

But it only took four months of dating British Humanitarian Lawyer Amal Alamuddin to know it was time to take himself off the market.

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