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Gay sissy slave stories

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Name: Nelie

Age: 54
City: Alpena County, Five Points
Hair: Ultra long
Relation Type: Asian Ladies Seeking Married And Lonely
Seeking: Want Cock
Relationship Status: Mistress


Sissyslave Guenter turned into a slut August 28, 0 I am not gay nor bi thus I sslave looking for a Mistress. My Mistress by nature should be cruel, wicked, sadistic, evil, merciless, and by no means fair. She is a professional Mistress for on-line training and humiliation who had read the following message I posted in an online ad: Slave seeking training as a sissyfag and slavslut by a strict Mistress I am a male slave, 72, living in the Southern part of Germany.


GayDemon's gay porn library: in this story category you can find erotic stories with Sex, Rimming, Big Dick, Group Sex, Domination, Friends, Sissy, Gangbang, Slave. Little did I know it, but I had just confirmed his suspicions — a runaway 18 year old punk on his own. I began to dread the click of the locks in the door because i knew it was another trick for me to service. His other hand was feeling his groin.

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As I was especially interested amonst others also to be forced into obedience against my will, I furnished Her with the link to The Slave Registry where I am registered as a slaveslut and ed a Slave Contract with my full name and all my details. My mistress made me her slave and gang banged me with her friend Domino,​Alisa and Mariana. He told me how to suck cock and balls. I did as he told me. I pulled the sheet over my bare body.

Now stand up so I can get a good look at my new bitch. I was trapped — a prisoner. But I realized that I had no choice.

Once he told me that his 7 year old son could kick my ass! He relaxed the grip on my arm and I went for the robe again.

Gay sissy stories

I felt light headed and my chest was tight and sttories a little. Listing 31 - 60 of stories involving Unknown Tag: 'SetMetaKeyword'. Comment: Synopsis: A white boy is transformed into a sexy, desirable, cross-dressing, sissy, and insatiable, cum-crazed whore for black cock. He handed me a key. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror - and was electrified. Even worse, I was in the Hispanic part of town--a place where no white boy should be alone.

It all began one day when my car overheated on the wrong side of sizsy. Turn around, girl, lemme look at you. Comment: Pussy Whipped Sissy Slut : by rolf palsy Synopsis: Can a 22 year old pussy whipped sissy slut raised by his domineering mother and gay uncle find happiness with a 15 year old dominatrix in the making who has some personal baggage of her own?

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He reached out and began pulling the sheet off of me. I went into the lobby. Approximately one of four women in North America were molested in childhood. Approximately one of seven males have been sexually molested before the age of I was squirming, wanting — needing — his dick inside of me.

He grunted. My Mistress by nature should be cruel, wicked, sadistic, evil, merciless, and by no means fair.

She bought me a bus ticket to my grandparents and dropped me off at the station. A single naked gsy bulb filled the room with a sickly pale light. Topics: Anal Sex, Crossdressing, DP, Oral Sex, Rimming, Big​. Then two young Mexican men came out of the office and approached me.

Fetish stories : turned into a mexican master's sissyboy cockslave : part 1 - a gay sex

I just got off the bus — I don't know anyone here. I passed some worn out looking furniture where some bums were sleeping and went to the desk. I traded my ticket in at the counter for a ticket stpries Dallas.

He kept telling me no, that he was too big for me, and I kept begging him to fuck me. It smelled like piss. Comment: Synopsis: A cuckold sissy husband is sent to work and serve at a Femdom Club by his dominant wife and her live in lover. But now all I want to hear from you is "Yes Master" Do you understand? I used to go in Mom's room and sneak Butch's fuck mags and masturbate while looking at the sexy nude women.

Then his look got hard. It was June and really hot. I lay there, naked in his arms, my head full of stars, smelling his flesh, and soon I slept, too. One day when my mom was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I am not gay nor bi thus I am looking for a Mistress. I dug around and suddenly Ssissy felt sick.

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I was already confused as to where I was or where we were heading. The material felt so good on my legs! Comment: Synopsis: John gets caught by his aunt and turned into a sissy slave. Synopsis: A young man gets turned into a bitch boi by a brutal man and from there he becomes ever more the fenminized object Comment: Synopsis: future New Africa story where orphan slavs boys are forced to choose citizenship paths as either servants or livestock.

Turned into a mexican master's sissyboy cockslave : part 1

I responded to his kiss and my tongue was wrapped around his as his big arms encircled me and I felt SO safe, and SO secure. After ten or fifteen minutes past, I got out of my car and lifted the hood. The porno tape was playing. Everyone I saw around me was black or latino — which was strange to me because, other than Butch, there were no black people in the town I had spent my life in. They all share great pleasure in exposing and compromsing me more and more as slave and slut.

As I blew him I ran my small hands all over his big muscley legs — men like that — I had learned that from pleasing Butch. I almost shit when I saw the size of the storles in his jockey shorts.

His sissy sex slave

I paid bucks fo you ass. I guess I didn't realize how out of place my youthfulness and skin color storiss me. He led me to the chair across from hers and sat me down by pulling my leash downward with a hard jerk. My wrists and ankles were hurting from my restraints.

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