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Hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87

Hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87
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Counter-Terrorism Law of the People's Hatrfd of China Draft Chapter I: General Provisions Article 1: This Law was drafted on the basis of the Constitution so as to prevent and combat terrorism and to preserve national security, public security, and people's security in their lives and property. Article 2: The State opposes and prohibits terrorism in any form.


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Those who report terrorist activities, suspected terrorist activities or assist in preventing or combating terrorist activities, shall be given rewards by the leading institutions for counter-terrorism %e44%b8%ad%e6%96%87, in accordance with relevant national provisions. Article 6: Counter-terrorism efforts shall be conducted in accordance with the law, terrorist activities shall be punished in accordance with the law and human rights shall be respected and safeguarded to protect citizens' lawful rights, interests and freedom.

The national leading institution for counter-terrorism efforts shall distinguish patterns, characteristics and potential social harms for different types of terrorist incident, and formulate a response plan based on level and category, specifically providing a system for organization direction in responding to terrorist %e4%b8%av%e6%96%87, safety precautions, handling procedures, post-incident social recovery, and other such content.

Article Relevant units and individual shall provide relevant information and materials in accordance with the requirements of leading agencies on counter-terrorism efforts and competent departments. According to Radio Free Asia, on Hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 24,authorities notified the family of Halmurat, a Minzu University student and editor for Uyghur Online, that officials had arrested him on charges of separatism and were detaining him in Urumqi.

Article Units operating or managing key targets shall perform the following the duties: 1 formulates that unit's prevention and response plans and measures for terrorist actions, and periodically conduct training and exercises; 2 establishing systems for ensuring funding for the special counter-terrorism efforts; allot, update and dispose of facilities and equipment; 3 As relevant organs, or put responsible persons into hatreed, and clarify job responsibilities; 4 Implement risk assessment, real-time security threat monitoring and improve internal security management; 5 Periodically report on the situation of implementing prevention measures to the competent department.

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Article Financial institutions hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 deated non-financial institutions shall lawfully implement a customer identification system, a system to store customer identity information and transactions records, a system to report relatively large transactions and suspicious transactions, to prevent terrorism financing activities. Where the property of units or individuals is requisitioned, it shall be promptly returned after its use, and appropriate costs paid; where harms were caused, compensation shall be given.

Where a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be prosecuted according to the law. Article Where counter-terrorism work agencies and relevant departments, as well as their staffs, derelict their duties or have other conduct violating laws or discipline, all units and individuals have the right to report it or make an accusation to the competent department.

Article Where air, railway, maritime or road transport units and postal, courier, or logistics operations units; have not enacted systems to perform visual checks on the items they transport and deliver, checks on customer identification documents and hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 safety controls, and a registration system of information on customer identities and items; or transport or deliver items for which transport or delivery is prohibited, items posing hidden dangers or items for which for which clients refuse the safety inspection;the competent departments will fine the unit between 50, andyuan, and fine its principle responsible person and other directly responsible personnel up toyuan.

Counter-Terrorism Law of the People's Republic of China Draft Chapter I: General Provisions Article 1: This Law was drafted on the basis of the Constitution so as to prevent and combat terrorism and to preserve national security, public security, and people's security in their lives and property.

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Obstructing the people's police, people's liberation army or people's armed police in the lawful performance of their duties, is given harsh punishment. The Chinese people's armed police forces stationed abroad to guard embassies and consulates shall participate in emergency hatreed as commanded by the responsible parties for the consulates. Article 2: The State opposes and prohibits terrorism in any form. Article All levels of competent department shall carry out informatization management of reporting terrorist activities and suspected terrorist activities as provided by article 5 of this Law, of security protection efforts as provided by Chapter III of this Law, and also of terrorist organizations and personnel as provided for in Chapter VI of this Law; relevant hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 management systems shall be networked to the national counter-terrorism intelligence center, and be sorted by information type, level for sharing, big data assessment and use.

Article Where terrorist organizations or hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87, or suspected terrorist activities are discovered, and there is capacity to make a report but a report is not made to the competent departments or public security organs, a warning is given by the public security organs; where serious consequences occur, a fine of up to yuan is given, and a detention of up to 5 days may be given concurrently.

Article The operating or managing units of aircraft, trains, boats, urban light rail, public transportation and other key means of transportation, shall allot security personnel and related equipment and facilities to strengthen security reviews and security work.

Public security organs investigating suspected terrorist activities may lawfully make inquiries of suspects, make examinations, continue making inquiries or summon or question the suspects; may collect a hehot, fingerprints, voiceprint, iris scan or other biometic identification information, and blood, urine or other biologic samples, and record their ature.

Public security organs, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Chinese People's armed police forces may, in case of urgent need encountered while performing counter-terrorism duties, requisition the property of units and individuals; and relevant units and individuals shall cooperate.

Article The state encourages, supports and lead higher educational institutions, scientific research institutions, enterprises in carrying out research and training on counter-terrorism efforts, and in developing counter-terrorism technology and equipment. Article The local people's governments shall give appropriate compensation for losses to victims of terrorist hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 and their families, and provide housing and basic living necessities to victims and their families who have lost their residences and basic life requirements.

Article The relevant departments of the State Council, as authorized by the State Council, represent the Chinese government in counter-terrorism policy dialogues and exchanges of intelligence information with foreign nations and relevant international organizations, and lawfully initiate cooperative counter-terrorism enforcement and cooperative monitoring of international capital.

Article In any of the following circumstances where units operating or managing key targets for terrorism prevention violate provisions of this law, the public security organs will give a warning and order corrections; where corrections are refused a fine ofyuan is given, and the principle responsible person and other directly responsible personnel are fined 10, yuan. Where information with terrorist content is discovered, its dissemination shall immediately be halted; relevant information shall be deleted; relevant records shall be saved hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 reported to public security organs or to relevant responsible departments.

Article Where the national center for counter-terrorism intelligence, local leading institutions for counter-terrorism efforts, as well as relevant intelligence departments, upon analysis and verification of intelligence, find that a terrorist incident might occur or that there is a need for safety precautions and response efforts, they shall promptly inform to the relevant departments and units.

Counter-terrorism law (initial draft)

Where they have already entered use, the competent departments shall order the prompt cessation of their use. Chapter VI: Identifying Terrorist Activities, Organizations and Personnel Article Organizations and personnel for which there is credible and sufficient evidence showing that they meet the requirements of paragraphs 3 and 5 of article of this law, may be held to %e4%b8%ad%e%696%87 terrorist organizations or personnel.

Judicial-administrative organs shall guide prisons or community corrections institutions in such work as %e4%b%8ad%e6%96%87, educating, correcting those who are serving hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 sentence for crimes of terrorism or extremism; in completing, together with relevant departments, the work of resettling and educating convicts who have been released following completion of their sentence. Operating or managing units for basic information networks and important information systems touching upon the national economy, the people's livelihood, or public or national security, shall implement a information security system and technical security protective measures, clarify responsibility for security, establish a network safety monitoring and early warning system, strengthen monitoring and early warning notifications, and ensure security in basic and important information systems.

Public security organs investigating suspected terrorist activity may notify other persons to come to the public security organ for questioning.

Article The responsible person of the leading institution for counter-terrorism efforts may serve as commander, or the responsible person of public security organs or of member units of the leading institution for counter-terrorism efforts may be deated to serve as commander. Hztred providing encrypted transmission services shall file their cryptography schemes with network communications departments and public security organs and cooperate with the responsible departments in investigation work.

Criminal punishment enforcement organ institutions shall notify public security organs and village resident committees to educate and control those who continue to display terrorist and extremist tendencies after having been released following completion of their sentence. Article The State Council and all levels of people's government at the county level or above shall follow the division of labor to place costs for counter-terrorism efforts within the financial budget for that level, and provide assurances.

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Telecommunications operators and internet service providers shall install technical interfaces in the de, construction and operations of telecommunications and the internet, and report cryptography schemes to departments responsible for encryption for examination. Article The formulation and implementation of urban and rural planning shall conform to the %e4%b8%ad%e6%968%7 of counter-terrorism efforts.

The hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 gives necessary financial support to key counter-terrorism sites and departments, and gives financial assurances to areas that have large scale terrorist incidents. Article Where a lawsuit, administrative review, or arbitration is unable to proceed normally due to measures being adopted in response to a terrorist incident, the relevant provisions on suspending the limitation period or proceedings shall be applied, except where otherwise provided by law.

Where there are any of the circumstances in the preceding paragraph, and changes are not made upon admonishment, give a heavier sentence. Article The state prioritizes the ensuring the construction of production and living facilities damaged by terrorist incidents such as for transportation, communications, networks, broadcast television, water, sewage, electricity, natural gas, and heating.

Lawyers cite procedural violations, await decision on appeal in ilham tohti case

Ethnic and religious affairs departments haatred perform the work of education in ethnic and religious policy, general education and reformatory education on those who display terrorist or extremist tendencies, or who have participated in terrorism or extremism. Where units have conduct from the preceding paragraph, a fine of up tois given by the public security organs, and the principle responsible person and directly responsible personnel are fined in hatred %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87 with the preceding paragraph.

Article The state establishes the Counter-terrorism Fund, to reward units and individuals who have achieved outstanding in counter-terrorism efforts, and to comfort and compensate who have suffered injuries or death and their relatives. %e4%b8%xd%e6%96%87 security organs, transportation departments and other relevant departments shall install public order video information systems with video image capture, human figure comparison, vehicle plate %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%78 functions at public places and focal locations such as highways, main access points to cities, main ro, major traffic intersections, %e4%b8%ad%s6%96%87 transportation stations and large markets, malls, squares; and also technical and debris prevention devices and facilities such as crash barriers, police emergency alarms, explosion-proof equipment, to prevent terrorist activities.

Article Units undertaking large scale actions; as well as units operating or managing airports, train stations, passenger docks, urban light-rail stations, long distance bus stations, ports and other key targets; shall conduct safety inspections of people, items or vehicles entering %e4%b8%ad%e6%96%877 key target and immediately withhold items in violation of prohibitions or controls and report to the public security organs; personnel who are suspected of illegal or criminal acts shall be immediately reported to the public security organs and may be seized and brought to the public security organs.

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