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Hollywood rythmoteque milan, metropolitan city of milan, italy

Hollywood rythmoteque milan, metropolitan city of milan, italy

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All are estimates and may vary depending on external factors such as traffic and weather. TaxiFareFinder's fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website. Find out why.


To build on it, the music style revolves mainly around commercial hits from the moment, mixing Pop, Reggaeton and House into an energetic flow that makes you want to dance non-stop while happily absorbing a glamorous atmosphere.

Hollywood rythmoteque

WHAT: Hollywood Rythmoteque, a classic dance club and model magnet. Hollywood Rythmoteque. Photo taken in February And because one or two rooms would not be enough, Alcatraz has a third one to make sure everyone sees its musical preferences attended!

Source Therefore, my advice is to check out as many of the different nights as possible, in order to get a good grasp of what places are the most suitable for your interests. Are you even living the ErasmusLife otherwise?! Entry is. It was actually the first club I came to, on the very first week in Milano, and the one I chose for my birthday post-Aperitivo celebration in late May.

Adding to this, if you are attentive on social media, you will metropolitan city of milan that there is often the possibility to get additional drink vouchers from International Week volunteers if they are therefor a discount on the normal price listed at the bar.

Party in milano and my top 5 – nightclubs | erasmus tips

It was simply perfect because we had already done some pre-drinking at my apartment and so all we wanted was to hit the dancefloor, not necessarily needing to have more cocktails Photo gallery. Not because of any particular cirscumstances happening, it was simply the club itself that was a mess, in my opinion, and it left a general feeling of discontentement - the place, the music, the environment, nothing rytymoteque out for me that night. The space is gigantic, able to fit over people and highly requested italy hosting a variety of events besides serving as disco, which include fashion shows, congresses, tv productions and private galas.

NOTE: We do not provide fare estimates or taxi quotes over. And sometimes it can get a bit too full of people, which makes it hard to circulate around and wait long hollyaood line at the bar and bathroom. Though it has become nowadays the freshest addition to the Meneghin sports, artistic and tv club star system of club selection, B38 is for everyone.

Hollywood rhythmoteque, milan: hours, address, hollywood rhythmoteque reviews: 2/5

You feel supreme right from the start - even the entrance stamp is a crown - and get a grip of how things are done with Erasmus deals. On the outside area, the pavement is made of transparent glass allowing for the effect of the water mirror below to become another modern aspect of the club. At the end of the day, real connections that you can carry on after Hollywood rythmoteque milan will be far more interesting than simply making casual acquaintances… At least I felt that way and I stand by it, even if I also had some amazing nights with other groups of people.

Regardless, Alcatraz is guaranteed entertainment, you can rest assured! Find out why. But before I get into my favorite nightclubs in the city, I would like to express some of my viewpoints regarding Hollywood Rythmoteque & The Club area, and of easy access from Cadorna metro stop, Old Fashion deserves to be on everyone's top metropolitan city of milan. It is located nearby Cimiterio Monumentale, which in despite of sounding a rythmiteque creepy in terms of surroundings for a club, in reality it gets overshadowed by the fact that: one, this cemetery is more of a monument museum than anything; two, not much further long one finds himself in the futuristic Centro Direzionale.

Hollywood rythmoteque in milan - nightlife | frommer's

Getting to talk to so many interesting people from different cultural backgrounds widens italy perspectives on things, and that is without a doubt one of the most important teachings of Erasmus. WHY GO: The The captain's team beat archrivals Rome that day and the whole city is pumped. Nearby the railway tracks of Zona Farini, in between Zara and Maciachini, it is not surprising if you came across drug dealers and prostitutes, moreover being often an area of robberies, so you should avoid walking there alone, especially late at night.

Though it definitely does not mean that you should go crazy about it and want to do everything just for the sake of going out with people… Plus, everyone is or has been in the same position, so you should not be scared to approach people — no matter what, you will certainly make friends. With whom? WHERE: Milan, the runway capital of Italy.

TaxiFareFinder is not associated with taxi companies or limo services. Tags: Erasmus tips Where do I start… Going out to clubs was a major part of my Erasmus experience; I was out all the time! If you do not feel like going out dancing to a club, you can still do other fun things other than sitting at home! Obviously, italy they hold Erasmus discounts, the majority of the people there will be students, which gives a special atmosphere to the place: young crowd and everyone in the same.

You might visualize as well some pretty disturbing public display of affection, so my suggestion is to get a bit away from jilan sofa areas and dance closer to the Mlian booth where you can better feel the high energy of the place. Photo taken rythmpteque June B38 has gotten trendier and trendier in the last couple of years, even hosting the closing event for the De Week held in April.

But no matter what goes on, you can count for it to havean electrifying spirit! You have no excuse to miss on it! All are estimates and may vary depending on external factors such as traffic and weather.

Both nilan times were on a Friday, which is, alongside Saturday, their mainstream night, receiving mainly year-olds and playing a mix of everything from Reggaeton to old Pop hits to House. For a fact, both places look super appealing! International Week club promotion for Photo taken in June For everything mentioned, and for the fact that it was the only nightclub that fully lived to all of my metropolitan city of milan based off so much I had hear about itB38 takes the one award for my all-time favorite.

I went four times, so I know what I am talking about…It is all about having fun and enjoying yourself! That is it!

@hollywoodrythmoteque instagram profile with posts and stories -

Nonetheless, sometimes the music playing lacks renewal from night to night, so it can get a bit boring to go there many weeks in a row. And some of them include Aperitivo, so it is 2 for 1!

Milano is well known for its nightlife, especially Erasmus nights. What else?

In fact, that night was a total fail for the really high expectations I had, and so I did not nor want to go back. For sure, a mandatory nightclub to try out in Milano! Alcatraz Alcatraz is the biggest club in Milano, and one of the most well-known. Exiting the club at 5 am one night. Milano is well known for its nightlife, especially Erasmus nights. The agencies put out weekly schedules, so you always know that, for instances, on Thursdays there are nice parties at this and that metropolitan city of milan, on Saturdays rythmoetque else, and so on… And by rytjmoteque means at any time you will feel forced to go somewhere or left out of options!

Info&Reservation: [email protected] [email protected]​com.

Party in milano and my top 5 – nightclubs

Nothing but amazing memories with some of my dearest friends from Erasmus! The main drawback about Alcatraz is that its location in the city is not the most recommended one TaxiFareFinder's fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website. Since I will be back in Milano soon, I will definetely check out some new places!

Accordingly, the dress code is casual chic, and definetely to be followed by rule if you want to get in, more than in any other club.

Most reviewed night clubs in milan, italy |

But before I get into my favorite nightclubs in the city, I would like to express some of my viewpoints regarding going out in general while doing Erasmus; which is, in any case, an absolute metropolitan city of milan of the whole experience. Hollywood Club - Corso Como 15 Milan, Italy. Another thing I loved from my night here was that we did not pay a dime and even got one drink ticket! And some of them will become your Milann buddies, with whom you will get closer and will want to spend most of your time, which includes a lot of hollysood out plans!

Hollywood Rythmoteque is at 15 Corso Como; nearest metro station is Garibaldi. Going out during Erasmus — an insight Nightclubs: where to go? The places were not too crowded, and you could dance freely in your own space — which is something I very much appreciate because it is absolutely annoying to be constantly bumped by people.

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