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How do i get my sister to fuck me

How do i get my sister to fuck me

Name: Lindi

Age: 56
City: Livingston, Grapevine
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Intense Wm Seeking Worthy Partner
Seeking: I Search Sex Date
Relationship Status: Never Married


I was 31 years old when this happened. My buddy called me and asked if I would help him drive a dump truck he got. Sieter was about miles from where I lived but I was not busy and my older sister Jill lived down in that area. She is 6 years older than me and I had not seen her for about 10 years after she got married.


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I let her work my hard shaft for a minute, then I grabbed her leg and hoe it toward me. A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door close.

I let her get to her room before I ran to mine. I reached over to find Jean and siwter hand landed on her breasts, she was completely naked. I was 31 years old when this happened. Yes ride it sis ride your brothers cock fuck me sis oh you feel so fucking good.

So I said Ok. I pulled back some and pushed in her hard shoving in her all the way and held it there for a second. I had never sidter a woman squirt like that before her pussy was soaking wet as I pushed my cock deep into her again and began slamming into hard and fast.

I woke you to talk to her on the phone. She seemed to know just what I wanted, because she threw her leg sistwr me and scooted back until her pussy was right over my face. Are you fucking kidding me?

I put the tape recorder in position, turned it on and went to the kitchen to make the floats. When he pulled out I was a little startled to See Cal step between my legs, ready to fuck me. She doo out a loud moan and said your making me come your making your sister come and I felt a hot blast hit my cock head.

I walked over and gently shook moms shoulder calling her name. The couch had an afghan thrown over the back so I hid the mic under it. I was just getting go when he had his so I was hoping we would do it again so I could get off. I just closed my eyes and ge them fondle me. I told her he must be fucking crazy because she is a good looking woman and I was not just saying that I.

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I got between her legs and grabbed my cock and rubbed the head thru her wet slit and pushed the tip in watching her pussy lips stretch around it. But also the possibilities began to run though my head. When I had squirted my last rope of cum down her throat, I pulled her pussy tight to my mouth and began to lick her clit and probe her pussy hole with my tongue.

She took a pill at and went to bed. She said she thinks he is having an affair but cant prove it. I grabbed a small mg recorder I had, put in an extended length tape, ran back to the livingroom and looked around for a good place to hide it.

I knew my sister was on the pill. She had a pair of sweat pants in her hand but dropped theme and said I thought you where still in the bathroom. I told her mom had already gone to bed but Carol insisted I wake mom so she could talk to her. I asked her If there was anything I siter do to help her to prove he was cheating on her. The doctors finally prescribed a sedative that was guaranteed to let her get some rest.

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I went into the house and began to think of how I was going to get Jean to take the pill. I shook her even harder and was almost yelling her name. Stay with me. Symptoms associated with use of Rohypnol include drowsiness, lowered blood pressure, muscle relaxation, dizziness, slurred speech, poor reaction aister, confusion and memory impairment. He begged me and kept fingering my pussy and before I knew it I had let him pull the blanket down so Jason could see both my breasts.

I thought that was the best until I felt Jason slid his hand under the blanket. From then on when she felt a headache coming on she would take a pill and wake the next morning rested. so

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She fumbled with the receiver and I had to help her get it to her ear. I went to her bedroom door.

I started to wonder about her actions while under the influence of the pill. I went up to moms room and knocked.

I waited until then figured I would try an experiment with mom. I pulled o out a bit and laid the recorder on the floor behind the couch and connected a remote mic I had. As I did I noticed she was already very wet. But I also knew this was the only way I was going to find out whether she had the side effects of the pill.

I waited for a few minutes then turned off the TV and went to take my shower. Any way to get to the point I helped my buddy and was heading back home and was getting pretty tired. Liked fucking two guys?

As she spoke it hit fick she wanted to do it again! I felt Jason pull his cock out of my hand and I opened my eyes to see him taking his pants off.

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She raised up on her elbows so she could watch. To howw delight every word I had said came out crystal clear. The first time mom took a pill for one of her headaches she sleep the entire night. A little later I felt Cal put his mouth over my nipple and a short time later Jason did the same to the other nipple.

We were laying together naked when his phone rang.

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