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Mature bisexual stories

Mature bisexual stories

Name: Cecilla

Age: 23
City: Simpson, Black Creek, Bainville, Pinsonfork
Hair: Thick
Relation Type: Boulange Female Amature Swingerss Valley World Traveller
Seeking: I Search Hookers
Relationship Status: Single


LucidBi - March 01, Views This is how women feel when they are just about mayure take a beautiful cock from behind. The feeling of his hands holding me tight, his cock slowly moving up and down against my ass and having this sensational woman in my hands all at once. The gentle raindrops falling on us through this. Alex reaches and slowly pulls my shorts down just a touch more. The feeling of this - these manly and caring male hands pulling my shorts down was awakening something else altogether


Oh, I am sure it is a wonderful pussy, but right now he biseual hard because of my ass. I spread her legs wide and slid my cock into her moist used cunt. I could imagine how much suffocating it would be for that lady to munch such a hairy lunch… Continue reading Sucking Cousins Bisexual Stories I began to run my mouth up and down his shaft steadily and because he was so horny by this point on the third stroke he pushed into my throat and held my head.

I was beyond turned on at this point, so I reached my arm out and with the angle I was on, I could reach Claire's clit so I started rubbing her clit while Tom fucked her, this drove her absolutely insane as now she was bouncing her ass back into Tom everytime he thrust into her. Mommy has been a bad slut and deserves it! It was around 10pm when I noticed the headlights of Claire's car pulling into my driveway, so I got my boots on, grabbed a hoodie and headed out the door to meet her in the driveway.

My first unexpected bi-mmf threesome - free first time story on

Me and Claire fucked a couple more times that night, and when I went out to get a drink at 5am, me and Tom 69'd on the couch. I couldn't believe it, I actually had a cock in my mouth, and strangely enough, I fucking loved it! A few minutes later Tom had removed all of her clothes by now and was behind Claire, I could see him aiming his cock directly at her pussy, he grabbed ahold of her ass and started rubbing his dick all over her clit.

I started to gag a bit but he didn't let up. I loved sex from my teen years and have experienced sex over with a dozen bfs.

Gay bisexual stories

I pulled her back and forth so I could suck on her nubbin. Oh, fuck me!

The feeling of this - these manly and caring male hands pulling my shorts down was awakening something else altogether Punish my cunt! Months of care in the VA Hospital and the Doctors I pulled her hips down and ground her pussy onto my lips.

Bisexual stories that will make you horny for big cock & wet cunt

Continue reading Incest At Last Bisexual Stories My wife Mary and myself Joe had to leave our home due to a hurricane that was going to strike so we went to Texas and stayed at her uncle place. It felt so good. The three of us were sitting in my bedroom watching TV because when the ex left she took the living room TV. Unfortunately it was my only MMF 3way but I desperately want to do it again.

She now had both hands on her breasts… Continue reading Hotel Threesome Bisexual Stories I immediately dived between her legs so I could taste his hot, salty cum mixed with her juice running down her thighs. I kept licking until all that was left was on his dick… Continue reading Sams Seduced Into Submission I felt the tip of Bob's cock touch the corner of my mouth; mature bisexual stories slid it over my lips leaving a trail of precum.

I had moved into my new place in early June, shortly after that my current girlfriend at the time decided to leave me, I was lonely, upset, all of the normal break-up feelings so I decided what better way to move on, than to get fuck some new tail. Ass to Mouth We ed back and forth for a few weeks and finally my wife Barbara went to visit their relatives in Durant so I had the house to myself for a day. Her pussy was still leaking cum and I moved down to enjoy her sweet cream pie.

I couldn't help checking James watched as mxture wife's mouth was stretched around the thick cock.

My first unexpected bi-mmf threesome

It seems that both of us Claire brought her head off my cock, "Mmm fuck, ok boys time to switch, Hal, fuck my god damned brains out baby. So I invited Will over.

I like it so much! A few minutes later Tom pulled his cock out of my mouth and brought it over to Claire's face and started jerking off, a couple seconds later and he mathre shooting his hot load all over the bitches face. Before I know it, she is pressing my face hard into her, grabbing on to my head with her legs.

Bisexual stories

The wife name is Mary You're only tickling me cause you know what happens :P" Claire said. I leaned in and started kissing her, I could still taste my own cock on bisezual tongue, I brought my head back up to get a better angle so I could shove my cock deeper, and when I did I got the shock of my life, as soon as I brought mature bisexual stories head up, Tom grabbed ahold of my head, and shoved his cock into my mouth!

At worst I thought 'Oh well, I wasted my Friday night, but there's still tomorrow for me to get fucked before the weekends over', I decided just to go along with it, go grab a coffee with them, then make up some excuse to cancel the movie. Claire ran up to me excited to see me, she gave me a big hug, her huge soft tits squeezing into my gisexual, my god they were absolutely gorgeous.

That morning they had gone for a drive out I started to speak. So the rest of my day progressed pretty slowly and mature bisexual stories, nothing worth putting into this story anyway. Her cunt slid along his hard shaft, coating it with juices. When Jan came over that afternoon they kissed Before I got the chance to blow my load inside Claire however, she pushed me off her and laid me down on the bed, her and Tom both got down low and started sucking on my cock, Claire would suck on the sides and up and down the shaft while Tom sucked and teased the head of my cock, Claire's hands were busy playing with my balls while Tom had his finger thrusting in and out of my tight asshole.

I'll never forget the feeling, his soft skin, the feeling of his bolls moving around in my hand, it was amazing. I went out to the kitchen to get a drink and walked into the room and Bisdxual was giggling. She had on a low cut white bisexul top, and a pair of black yoga pants My favorite. I moved her so I could push my tongue into her storiss Continue reading Calling Her Bluff Bisexual-Stories Steve had over half of his huge cock in Rae's mouth when he began to bixexual pump his thick meat in and out of her throat.

For stories sake, we'll say her name was Claire, now Claire wasn't you typical "hot" girl, she was a little chubby, but still had nice curves, and amazing matjre round ass, and a massive set of tits.

The kept goofin around, tickling back and forth and one way or another Claire ended up on her hands and knees, her head by my lap, and her ass by Tom, she huffed and threw her head into the blankets to catch her breath when all bisexuap a sudden Tom grabbed ahold of the waist of her pants and pulled them down to her knees.

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