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Mom massage sex stories

Mom massage sex stories

Name: Winnie

Age: 29
City: Bradford Park
Hair: Sexy
Relation Type: Women Seeking Date Hookup
Seeking: I Am Seeking Sex
Relationship Status: Dowager


She opened the door and walked into the entrance. Her son sitting on the couch watching TV.


She asked me how work was I told her of my whole day and I was sore and tired. You would think that after so much sex it would start to get dull but each time we would fuck would be better than the last! When she got home I would convince her to let me give her a long full body massage and see if Msasage could get her hot. She then had me roll over on my back.

Mom storiess really excited and began humping and moaning.

Mummy's massage - new sex story

She smiled and said she would be right out. I began kneading her ample thighs one at a time, stopping just below the towel. She stiries her glass on the side blowing the bubbles off his cock.

Mom began moaning, "That's wonderful. I'm going to college soon. She looked up lowering herself over his cock sliding her lips over it. From what my Mom tells me my Dad was a loving and xtories father but he passed away in when I was 3 years old leaving my Mother as my sole parent. I sensed that she was excited, but I was more interested in storiez excitement I was feeling exploring mom's body. She turned around and faced him.

Moms massage | incest story from tilite69 | an erotic story

Nobody was there storiies I took my time. She put her warm lips around it and starting bobbing her head up and down. It made me so horny. Mom never mentioned the sexual aspect of her massages, but she was in a real good mood for the next couple mmom days and gave me several hugs and told me what a great son I was. The mother and son actually enjoyed fucking each other. One time when my dick was positioned just right, I thrust my hips so that I penetrated her a couple of inches.

Mummy’s massage

She spent a little time on my thighs, but before long she was lightly running her fingers up and down my stiff penis. I did this a few times before I worked up the courage to start squeezing her big sexy ass globes. One evening when I was 17 I came home from work and mom was watching tv alone cause dad went to bed already.

I became instantly hard. After a couple of minutes, she calmed down.

Her vagina was opening and closing with the motion. I wondered if she would shoot semen the way I did. Mom had a shower after dinner. It was the eve before the school year started. But this case made me remember her advice. Mom began complaining that she missed her massages. I was looking at her erect nipples and juicy cunt inviting me. The next massage was even more exciting.

He kissed down to her pussy opening her legs licking her clit.

Massaging mom 2 | sex stories post

It will save money and we can continue our unusual love life. My Mom pulled my hand from her pussy. That wouldn't be right. Lay on your back.

College son takes mother during a massage - sex stories

My mom was completely naked under her robe!! I was bolder now; hearing her say those words sent me into frenzy. She groaned as he filled her. She came home very tired as she always did.

But fuck her I did. I panicked and quickly pulled my hands and lied down. My continued fucking soon got her going again and when I finally lost control and began long, slow thrusts, mom was right with me.

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We did everything including oral sex, hand jobs, finger fucking, fucking doggy style, anal, tittie fucks, 69 and fucking in the shower. They had changed from wholesome and innocent to sexy and lustful; she wanted my body as much as I wanted hers. I reed myself to ing a computer club and learnt some Internet skills. To add to her natural features, she was a fitness freak.

I spent the rest of the day watching tv, eating and doing some chores but all I could think of was having sex with my Mom. Her soapy hands caused my penis to get extra stiff.

College son takes mother during a massage

I knew that this would get any woman wet. I got an idea. This small push up bra was on the verge of exploding. Her legs were parted quite wide. I stayed awake for hours, after all how could I sleep when there was a sex goddess sleeping 2 feet next to me! She was addicted to my cock like a junkie to crack. It was amazing.

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