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Pattaya vs bangkok

Pattaya vs bangkok
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Yes, it is Bangkok Vs Pattaya. There can be so much pattayz about these two cities, as they are heavily visited by tourists and travelers every year. I really enjoy both cities and recommend everyone to visit them both. Both cities are also great for solo travelers.


Bangkok vs pattaya - a detailed comparison

Usually it is so hot and so much traffic that you end up just chilling out at a bar or in the mall. It is a pick-up truck like vehicle with seating in the back. Coming to live here? Better in terms of finding a girlfriend gs even finding a gik? Pattaya hookers are also more attractive than Bangkok hookers in general. Downstairs bars and ones in the street are no problem as long as you do not buy expensive drinks for ladies called " lady drinks", which are several times normal price.

So Keep this mind, if you explore you will find great deals on everything. They have the same bar fine price as Bangkok, and maybe even more at times.

Everything is in your face. In the popular tourist areas like Sukhumvit Road and the red light districts it can be even more pricey. Not all Thais understand English well and sometimes if a customer is talking loudly or waving their arms around they may be thought to be about to have a fight, even when this may not be the case! This cause amazingly low hotel prices when there are less tourists around in the low season.

Bangkok vs pattaya: nightlife, girls & prices | thailand redcat

Bangkoi Bangkok or Pattaya 1 year ago Message from Tripadvisor staff This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Minivans go when full. The Thai food here is off the charts. Better for friends and serious dating and still more than enough hookers to have fun bangkoj. Pattaya also has great food options, and you will never get tired of eating there. The only type of place I think Bangkok has an advantage are the soapy massage parlors that really have more beautiful and more white skinned but also more expensive girls to choose from.

It is also the finance center of the whole country. Both cities have very hot girls working in the go go bars.

More hookers and more fun. Remember, Bangkok is not just a tourist destination, it is a huge vw city. Here, you find girls who want to work on their future — some would study, some would do training at a new job, some would do a career in one of the big companies. There are awesome seafood restaurants, bagkok many European and British style pubs, serving good food.

The few people I have seen getting stopped by cops were usually guys who were drawing too much attention ti themselves by being very loud and drunk, after closing time about 1 am. However, what I think is a big difference between both cities, is that bangkoo both girls and guys in Pattaya are more friendly in general than in Bangkok.

Pattaya vs bangkok – a comparison

It also has tons of taxis all over, including motorbike taxis. Bangkok has more overall hotels due to the size, but both cities are equal in this round. There are so many places you can bangkook. However do not expect streetfood to be everywhere as nowadays it has mainly changed location to smaller streets and alleyways rather than cluttering up the footpaths on main ro.

The only area pattwya Pattaya is the same as Bangkok are the go go bars in walking street. But it really caters to all types of travelers like couples and families, young men and women. The downsides are that it is not a cheap city. Pattaya has a slower pace to life which I appreciate more.

Bangkok or pattaya - thailand forum

You will never get bored of it. Another point baangkok Bangkok is the size of the city. Good luck. Pattaya is the winner here.

Bangkok is the capital city with the highest population density. Bangkok just has too many options. The whole city is almost one big red light district. Worse prices is Christmas-New Years holidays.

Bangkok vs pattaya – a detailed comparison

Bangkok is probably better for you If you wish to meet more normal girls. Hope this cleared some things up for you!

I want to highlight the pros and cons of each city, and determine which city has an advantage in certain. And most of the things seem to taste amazing! Better in terms of the of hookers?

Bangkok vs pattaya: which city has the best nightlife?

Removed patfaya am, February 24, of 4 replies. This is just a personal thing. Many times you can walk to your destination. Pattaya wins the first round. There is also the well known Phrom Phong massage area more popular with Japanese men. Bangkok however is quite different.

Bangkok or pattaya - thailand forum - tripadvisor

Not to mention the hundreds of bamgkok of women working in all the retail shops, cafes, malls, restaurants, hotels etc that you can take as your girlfriend and have much better chances of her doing the housework and cooking for you compared to girls pattwya similar jobs in Pattaya. Both cities win here. There is not much difference in cost. You can find some quality hotels for great prices in both cities. Super annoying, especially in Bangkok.

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