Obtain skills to help you become
proficient in Data and Analytics.

Get the skills and systems you need to drive your career and accelerate your growth with our Foundations for Data Science 12 week program. (30% Online)

– Taught by industry practitioners, not just conference speakers and theory peddlers.
– Master the key topics that will help you bridge business with data.
– Get results by implementing analytics techniques that actually work.
– Continuous enrolment in Jan, April, July and October 2020.

Project-Based Learning across different tools.


Learning Tracks

Key tracks that help you bridge the gap between business and data.

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Industry Projects

With actionable knowledge, exercises and supplemental reading

Build a strong foundation in data and analytics

Track 1: Foundations of working with data and analytics

This track will help you prepare for data science projects. By the end of the track you will be familiar you with how analytics and data science help organisations create value by using insights generated by data science tools and techniques.

Track 2 : Data Basics, Manipulation and Management

This track will give solid foundation skills in statistics, data wrangling, and visualization whilst using R, Excel, Python, MSFT BI as a core. You will learn how to ask the right questions and to find the…

Track 3 : Analytical Techniques & Interpretation

You learn how models are built and specified using analytics algorithms. They will then review different types of commonly used algorithms and the types of problems they tackle. You will learn the fundamental theory & practice behind the top analytical techniques, through data examples, learn to fit, examine, and utilize models to examine relationships between multiple variables, all while using various tools.

Track 4 : Communicating insights

As a data specialist, you will often be required to present the right results to the right people, or to propagate insights to the front lines. You will need to use business acumen as well as a sharp business vocabulary to present your analysis and recommendations. This track will help you learn how to do this by giving your a framework to weave a story around your findings.

Perfect for individuals and teams transitioning into data analytics.

For the Individual:

This is a comprehensive training program that will give you the theoretical knowledge and empirical know-how to help you be data-oriented.

For teams:

Helping your teams build the analytical muscle and the translation capabilities needed in business today.

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This program prepares you to fill a wide array of data related roles: Data Analyst, Data Analytics Consultant, Data Scientist, Business Analyst or even go independent as a freelance Data Analyst/Scientist.

Build a strong foundation in data and analytics.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to articulate business problems and implement analytical processes and techniques to grow your skill, no matter the industry you’re in.

Learn to clearly define business issues, prepare and clean data, implement a variety of predictive modelling techniques, and tell stories with data.
Apply data science concepts and methods to solve problems in real-world contexts and communicate these solutions effectively
The skills you learn map directly to available market opportunities, and you’ll emerge from the program uniquely prepared to provide immediate value to any organization.

What you will learn and how?

Practical curriculum teaching you what the market needs right now from data specialists, created by leading practitioners.
We work with industry experts to determine the most relevant topics. What is useful and in-demand has informed our curriculum more than anything else
Program courses are taught by hand-selected top practitioners, names that people in the industry know well.

Join other professionals.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to articulate business problems and implement analytical processes and techniques to grow your skill, no matter the industry you’re in.

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What happens after the program ends?

  • Your data analytics expertise will go up. Getting to know the right tools and processes will 10x your effectiveness as an individual contributor and team.
  • The perception of your expertise goes up. Once you complete the program, you will become the go to person for help, mentorship or support. You can also show off your new skills on your resume and your LinkedIn profile.
  • You might even be ready to go off on your own and be a lifelong learner. There are many platforms to pick up your knowledge and expertise from.

World-class Learning Experience

Our learning model is designed to help you, as a working professional, improve your skills without compromising on work and family responsibilities. The program course work is broken up into weekly, manageable bite-sized modules, with incremental progress, designed to help you over the duration of the course and allow you the legroom to practice and work on projects when it suits you best.
At the beginning of each week you'll be presented with all the lectures, notes and assignments necessary for completion. We have designed a course that closely mirrors the demands of the workplace and have added job immersion and self-paced project work, which lead to understanding team-working dynamics.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. How long will it take me to complete this program?

The total length of the program is 12 weeks.  Classes are held 3 days of the week in the evenings  – on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at Nairobi Garage, Nairobi. Learning interactions are both in person with the instructors and through our virtual environments. Our learning pedagogy is based on a project-based learning approach that provides real world skill application rather than mere theoretical understanding. Our curriculum is focused along 4 key tracks to help you learn to bridge the gap between business and data. The program contains over 20 courses in total with actionable knowledge, exercises and supplemental reading and is supported by top class instructors and coaches. 

2.What is the cost of this program?

The program costs KSh 90,000.00 for an individual and KSh 75,000.00 per person for teams or group of more than three.

3. How can I enrol teams in my organisation?

Contact us on +254700455139 or email vm@zuka.world

4. Do I get a Certificate at the end of the course?

Show off your new skills: Get a certificate of completion.

Add it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or just get that well-earned raise you’ve been waiting for. If you are starting out in your career, the certificate can serve as a huge boost to your job prospects.

Is this program right for me?

This program is ideal for:
Jumpstarting/switching a career

Individuals looking to j obtain the fundamental data science skills required to grow in career, stand out amongst the competition or even increase their earning potential.

Becoming an expert

Individuals who want to stay on top of the latest trends in their domain and want to learn a new skill that will differentiate them.

Increasing revenue

Teams looking to increase revenue and business value to their organizations by putting their data to work.