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We have a pipeline of the much-needed Data talent with a great mix of interdisciplinary professionals who are carefully selected.

20 Week Foundation Level (Oct '19 - Mar '20) KSh 100K

Foundations of Data Science (Analytics and Machine Learning)

Master data fundamentals by learning how to clearly define business issues, prepare & clean data, implement a variety of predictive modelling techniques, and data storytelling.

Learn to use R, SQL, and statistics to uncover insights, communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions. The skills learned map directly to available opportunities hence fellows emerge from the program prepared to provide immediate value to any organization.

10 Week Advanced Level (Aug '19 - Oct 19) KSh 90K

Advanced Foundations of Data Science (Machine Learning)

If you are already working with basic data models and are looking to incorporate more complex Data Modelling & Machine Learning into your workflow, then this program meets your needs.


This program is designed to help you understand advanced techniques that enhance and improve the accuracy of your modelling & analysis. You learn advanced concepts that not only enhance your knowledge but also make you a more attractive candidate for more senior data roles.

Trust Us with your Data Talent

This program prepares students to fill a wide array of data related roles: Data Analyst, Data Analytics Consultant, Data Scientist, Business Analyst or even go independent as a freelance Data Analyst/Scientist.

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Foundations of Legal Analytics

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Communicating with Data

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Lawyers have traditionally competed by combining two key skills: legal research and reasoning. But now there’s a third leg to the law practice stool. Legal Analytics enables lawyers to gain critical advantage in the business and practice of law. 

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World-Class Industry-Driven
Data Talent from Africa

Founded, Designed and Offered by Top Talent who've worked at Google and Oracle.
More than ever, the demand for Machine Learning and AI Talent is at a peak in simplifying Problem Solving across all sectors in the world. Food Security, Healthcare, Finance and other sectors in Africa that need World-class Data Skills.

World Economic Forum projects that 86% of organizations in Sub Saharan Africa are adopting Machine Learning into their strategies making Data Science the Most in Demand Skillset.