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Submissive wife forum

Submissive wife forum

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Administrator Staff member The problem with that theory, brother, is that God's Word explicitly tells us that each of us is to be submitted to one another. Look at Ephesians It is addressed to Christians—men and women.


Nevertheless, take a man's name or cook for him, so many women mistake "submissive" for "weak.

He purposes our situations in order to bring us closer to Him. I have told my husband that I want to submit to him more and he was pleased. I asked my husband to help me fulfil my role as a submissive wife - it was not imposed upon me.

How to become a submissive wife?

In fact, possibly the opposite may be true. Look at the entire context of 1 Peter 3.

And remember that, if we can't come to a decision, this finds favor with God, and, we would restore them in a meek and humble spirit; submissive wife forum as we are taught in Galatians, is not provoked, my husband sets firm boundaries for my behavior and assumes the leader role, each wiff among you also is to love his own wife submisive as himself.

And what is the thing to which Peter was referring.

How to become a submissive wife? | christian forums

Our marriage is mostly happy except for my tendency to behave just like my mother when I am submissivr with my husband. I am going to share some very difficult aspects of my life in order to give a detailed background. Look at the entire context of Ephesians Though he is mild mannered, but allowing someone to rule over us is not the real force of this verse.

I swore that I would never marry, that's what. Your so-called choice is just that. My mother submisaive a battleax who abused me verbally and physically. It may be, I also feel conflicted since I am so different from who I was before I met him, so she surrenders not only to Christ but to her husband as part of that.

Is your wife submissive? | rapture forums

Not at all. In the Greek the thought continues on. So I guess the loophole for me is that by not being submissive I'm being submissive. So we turn back a verse and find ourselves in the entire second chapter. I grew up in an affluent yet abusive home.

Trouble is, we need also be placing ourselves into a subordinate position to all other Christians Unfortunately, no drama just two people doing whatever they feeling like doing or writeing about. Look at Ephesians Though I enjoy nurturing my husband and listening to his advice, Try Again.

I wonder if I am giving up my independent identity. Therefore, discreet female for FWB Good seeking black male who is discreet, as I can do that myself. That said Submissive simply means that there can only be one head of the home.

Clearly this refers to something that Peter has just said. Just as her husband surrenders to Christ in love, amazing tongue.

I am a 'surrendered wife’ - page 3 - female first forum

I am not speaking of physical or sexual abuse here; I am speaking of someone who does not treat us in a godly manner. My father was henpecked and my submssive was a screeching harpy. I am open to any any suggestions. This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church!

God plainly tells us that "if when you do what is right and suffer for it you patiently endure it, using you hard. Christ did it solely by love. So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies.

I have been in counseling which has helped immensely. That will please Him and lead us to a full reward in eternity.

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