The Modern Data Scientist at Zuka.

You have probably heard the word data science analyst, big data and machine learning being thrown around. Data is the new gold. Harvard Business Review terms data scientist job as the sexiest job of the 21st century. 

But who is a Data scientist; It’s a high-ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of big data. In simpler words its the collection and analysis of large volumes of data to get better insights into the business. 

Problem solvers

With growing smartphone use and access to the internet, there is a constant churn of data. The websites you visit collect information about what you searched, what you bought and all that is used for business insights. Data scientists work alongside business executives to solve critical business challenges. They are tasked to bring value along the business process and departments. With the advancement in technology and the emergence of better tools, they change raw data into visualizations within a few minutes. Data science is about data and finding patterns. If your company stores lots of data then that is a great data opportunity.

Innovators and Domain Expertise

The most innovative companies in the world currently use the data they collect to improve the quality of their services. Modern companies like Spotify curate music that a listener is most likely going to listen from the data they collect from their customers.

A data scientist should be highly knowledgeable in the field they are working. This can be in Finance, entertainment, telecommunication.

As a modern-day data scientist, you should be able curious to go beneath the surface to come up with hypotheses that you can test. This will entail one to be creative and to be widely knowledgeable in many fields. Be creative enough so that you can manipulate information to create new revenue streams or optimize service delivery.

Good communicator.

Now, what good are you if you are innovative and great at problem-solving if you are not going to be able to pass that information to the people who need it. A data scientist’s most important skill is the ability to collect business requirements and transform them into data science problem, communicates through the use of analytics, and presents the insight to non-technical audiences in the simplest yet accurate way. The data scientist should be able to communicate to all the stakeholders in a language they understand clearly and concisely present analytical solutions, translate the statistical output into actionable recommendations. Hence the need for a data scientist to hone this skill.

Technical expertise 

For one to be a good data scientist they should be proficiency in tools like R, SQL and Tableau is needed. R is a popular programming language for data science popular with data cleaning and data wrangling. SQL stands for Standard Query Language, it is a programming language that is used to communicate and manipulate databases. SQL allows users to retrieve data from their databases with ease. Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool that is used to transform raw data into easily understandable information. In this modern age with companies relying on big data analytics for business insights, a data scientist with R, SQL and Tableau background is more sought after by employers.

In conclusion, a modern-day scientist is a combination of a problem solver, innovative, communicator and above all has the technical skills to perform as expected. This is the best combination and its very rare. At Zuka World we make this possible. We have programs for anyone interested in pursuing the data scientist path. We have reliable trainers with enough technical skills and an environment that encourages you to be your best data scientist

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