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The vault dungeon

The vault dungeon

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Journal Now that all the players are assembled, Hilda is eager to get on with it. Lucia's plan to rescue Ser Aymeric hinges upon luring the bulk of Ishgard's defenders out of the city.


Alert to the danger, Lord Haurchefant bellows a warning and raises his shield in your defense, but the steel gives way, and the spear finds a mark Once tthe and your companions make your entrance, the Temple Knight squire will send word to Lucia and the others, who stand ready to breach the underground gaol.

Journal Now that all the players are assembled, Hilda is eager to get on with it. Speak with the Temple Knight squire. There is no greater calling for a knight Enter the vaults to explore dark tunnels, underwater caverns and ancient halls.

Correctly deducing that the revolutionaries have thw knights in service to the High Houses, she asks Hilda to help by ordering these sympathizers to spread word of a heretic army massing outside the Gates of Judgement. Go, and vaulh the count to mourn in private. Therefore, Lucia intends to divide her forces into two parties: yours to pursue Thordan VII and draw the attention of the Heavens' Ward, and hers to rescue Ser Aymeric during the ensuing chaos.

Each vault was a receptacle for the power of an elder race. Use the Duty Finder to enter the Vault. Speak with the squire outside to confirm that the others are in position.

Lucia's plan vxult rescue Ser Aymeric hinges upon luring the bulk of Ishgard's defenders out of the city. Temple Knights still loyal to the lord commander have secured the entrance to the Vault.

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Nothing you can say will be of comfort to him now. Return to Fortemps Manor. them and together inform Count Edmont of his son's fate. Hilda agrees, but not before cautioning her that the deception will not last long.

Objectives Speak with the Temple Knight squire outside the Vault. The vaults contain many treasures, such as items, recipes and knowledge of the cataclysm which befell the island in ages past, but the most valuable may be a new resource and a sigil of power.

Outside the Vault, the Temple Knight squire informs you rungeon the others have gone on ahead to Fortemps Manor. Ask Lucia what role she has in mind for you.

See to your remaining preparations and commence the assault. Unable to repel your advance, Ser Zephirin gives the order to retreat, and Ser Charibert reluctantly obeys.

Frantically, you give chase, sensing that your chance to seize the archbishop is slipping away. The remnants of the elder races dwell in these deep dungeons. Solve puzzles to progress and uncover hidden treasures, all while fighting your way through fiends, demonic spiders, goblins, tge and many more of the eldritch creatures that created these forgotten monuments.

Elder vault

To serve; to protect; to sacrifice. Alphinaud has ever prided himself on his words, but when faced with a grieving father, he could find none.

Although the forces of the High Houses should no longer be a factor, a contingent of Temple Knights and the Heavens' Ward will doubtless remain to guard the archbishop and the imprisoned Ser Aymeric. After facing wave after wave of Temple Knights and the Heavens' Ward besides, you stand at the pinnacle of the Vault, unbowed.

Reed by your companions and a wounded Ser Aymeric, you pursue Thordan VII, finally catching up with him as he prepares to board an airship and escape.

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