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True cfnm stories

True cfnm stories

Name: Milena

Age: 35
City: Boyle County, Leighton Buzzard, Lewiston
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Older Pussy Want Erotic Dating Sites
Seeking: I Am Want Men
Relationship Status: Not important


When I reached the restaurant I learned that a convention was in town and therefore I had to wait till a table was ready. I was pleased, however, when I was stries taken to a two-person table in a quiet corner of the restaurant near the front. I was sipping a glass a wine and had just started to read the menu when the waiter came to ask if I would mind sharing my table with another guest.


Before responding to my questions, she turned the conversation to the menu and we compared thoughts on the different selections.

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As I scuffed off my socks I inched forward to stand about two feet in front of Mary. I showed them to her and said, "Hey I could pack wearing these". We acted as we normally would. In the process of packing I was taking storiee out dtories a laundry basket. During my 14th. I started to stroke my cock as I stared at her staring at my cock she massaged her breasts and pussy as I started jerking quickly. I reached and took a fork full of my rice and chewed it slowly trying to compose myself and decide which of my experiences I would share with her.

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As I walk there nakedon the threadmill we see a bus pulling over and a total of 25 girls from the nearby sorority leave it and walk inside. With a quiet question from Mary our conversation turned to our sexual fantasies. As she looked me over I asked her how I could please her. From that moment the only thing I could hear was the laughter of 25 sorority girls as they formed a circle around me and took pictures.

I felt my climax rise and thought I would explode on her when she stopped and pushed me away.

I complied and returned to the room clean and naked. Mary laughed with excitement as I jerked away from the cold object.

The embarrassing break up. a true cfnm story.

This was different!! As she sat down she order me to spread my cheeks wider. I finally consented and released my cock to sway before me as the desire to climax surging through my body. Talking, having a snack, watching TV, except that I was naked and she was fully clothed. I could feel my cock swell as I looked at her bright eager eyes and sensuous lips.

Mary smiled down at me and told me to move my cum around with my hand and then lick it off for her. Oh yes the woman had just told me to strip for her and I was standing in shock trying to understand what was happening.

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She leaned over her plate and motioned me close as she spoke in a quiet soft voice that was barley audible. She squatted down toward my face, and I realized that she had no panties on as her smooth shaved pussy opened cfmm before me. I then asked if she wanted to come to my room or if she wanted me tdue visit her in her room.

She came several times bucking and rocking and moaning loudly! I kissed her and rolled over to my back.

We compared notes on our experiences and made friendly crnm about our chances of success. summer, I spent most of the Summer daylight hours at a school friends house swimming in her backyard pool with her Mom and two older sisters​. Finally, I felt the climax spill over and I arched my back and jerked hard the first explosion was so powerful I nearly fainted and found myself gasping as the cum surged out in a thick creamy stream to arch out toward my stomach and chest.

I warned her that I was going to explode and she told me that I could cum for her. So I wanted to share my most embarrassing break up with you guys and galls.

She slowly stroked my cock with one hand as she gently squeezed cfnmm balls with the other. She swore under her breath and I finally suggested that she apply some hand cream.

My mouth went dry with excitement and anticipation as I stood before her. When she answered the door I found that she was dressed rather proactively and moved in very suggestive ways as I worked in her apartment. Mary smiled excitedly and asked if I was becoming as excited as trhe hoped I was.

etories I explained that I had a job as a maintenance man at an apartment complex while in college. At this time I was 19 and my girlfriend(let's call her Amy) was I just want to say right off that this story isn't really my cup of tea, to say the least.

I dressed and return to the room. She eagerly accepted and we both took a sip in silence. Finally, we reached her floor and walked quickly to her room.

My first cfnm experience

I slowly lowered one side of the underwear then the other and revealed my hard cock. As she massaged her pussy and watched me stand staring at her she order me to start stroking myself slowly warning me to not cum till she told me I could.

I groaned in frustration eager to explode, but she shouted again telling me to do what she asked. She stared at my erect cock and then looked up into my face. My mind was a flame!

However, some people really dig the harsher types of CFNM. I nearly dropped the bulb and coughed in surprise.

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