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Tso lan

Tso lan
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Really you are extremely talented! These pictures are so wonderfully horrifying


Born in the year of the Dog The Dog and Piggy Show, Uncle is the owner of an antique store originally an 8-track tape store and tso lan accomplished chi wizard, learning his skills from the famed Master Fung. But you took them and turned them into beautifully horrifying lah monstruosities! Forced to fight Shendu alone, Tohru was quickly defeated, after which he changed his allegiances, and turned himself sto to Section 13's authorities.

Jade Chan[ edit ] Voiced by: Stacie Chan present; future, second appearance ; Lucy Liu future, first appearance Jade is Jackie's Hong Kong -born, year-old niece actually his first-cousin-once-removedsince she is his "cousin Shen's girl" who is already " Americanized ". Also, just as Uncle had around other dark magical beings, Tohru gets "the willies" when he's around Oni. But lna such a charm, such a prestance, such talent! He likes grape soda and hates fish a cultural irony, given that one of Japan's prime dietary lzn is fish, and seems to have a fondness for cats, having used the Monkey talisman several times to mutate enemies into kittens which Uncle is allergic to.

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Though by no means stupid and capable of thinking and acting on his feet to make use of whatever is available in dire situations, he does have a habit of stating the obvious or agreeing to strange requests without realizing until after it has been said. In two episodes, Jade encounters a future version of herself: a very skilled young woman aln of engaging Jackie Chan in hand-to-hand combat and who is the head of Section 13 Captain Black having left to set up "Section 14," and came back in time once to lam Drago.

She is adventurous, and to that extent, she frequently disobeys her uncle's advice to remain in safety, tends to accompany Jackie as he goes out on adventures and thus getting herself into trouble, and though she will not admit it, often has to be rescued by Jackie almost every time. However, when the Dark Hand managed to revive Shendu, the demon sorcerer double-crossed them.

Several things point to this, from Jackie trying to tell Tohru to come and work for Section 13 because "they serve donuts every Thursday" which he stated back in episode 13 to all the insults and blames he bore through his working for the Dark Hand and betraying them, always angering him. In the last episode, Jade is set to become an agent of Section 13 when she is older. tso lan

He is completely opposed to the use of the Talismans by Section 13 and the J-Team, but occasionally concedes and uses the Rabbit Talisman in combat. I mean look at this Tso Lan!

He was voiced by the late Glenn Shadix, who also played Xiao Fung. Having been raised by his Uncle, a powerful Chi Wizard, Jackie understands that the Talismans themselves pose a serious threat to the world, though he often laments that he has been forced onto the frontlines of the battle between good and evil. Jackie is a skilled martial artist and is very agile, but would prefer not to fight evil forces unless he has no choice.

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Moreover, she is very good at using chi magic, as shown when she is able to annihilate Shadowkhan with Uncle's Puffer Sto. Tea is his favorite drink, but he often complains it's too hot or cold and always throws the cup when he finishes. Tso Lan was the Demon Sorcerer of Moon who hailed from a family consisting ttso himself as well as seven siblings and later on his nephew Drago.

They then explain that they think that he is actually their cousin.

He is banished back to the Netherworld by Jackie, Jade and Tohru. Tohru shows great loyalty to whoever he stands by, even back to the time when he was an Enforcer for the Dark Hand.

These pictures are so wonderfully horrifying History His portal is located halfway between the Earth and the moon, which the Dark Hand and Shendu reach by using Earth's tsoo station to pass over its location. While he knows how to fight and repel them, he has a deep-set fear of them which proves a somewhat crippling hindrance over the course of the fourth season. He has a variety of catchphrases - the two most common being "aiyah!

He becomes a vital character in the fourth season when they have to battle evil Oni, which only he has knowledge of due to childhood tales told by his mother. Reply Vincent-Covielloart Thank you so much!! Anyway I will promptly make my way down your gallery, so I may pop up somewhere else with again over-exciting praising comments.

I'm glad a fellow JCA fan found my renditions. Whenever a magical enemy is near, Uncle gets what he calls "the willies.

Trivia Given how Tso Lan tso lan to remove the moon from it's orbit and destroy Earth's ecosystem to it more suitable for him to live on, which would have killed millions of lives in process, Tso Lan could be considered to be one of the most dangerous and evil villains in Jackie Chan Adventures. He appears to be one of the strongest beings in existence when he tossed Po Kong like a feather, something no other demon could do, and beyond the strength of the Ox Talisman or the shadowkhan summoned by the Fourth Mask, although it also could have been a gravity trick.

It is revealed that Tso Lan is older than his sister Po Kong when they were all trying to get through Shendu's portal. Jade once became the Queen of the Shadowkhan and her powers far exceeded Shendu's so much that he was forced to pay homage to her.

His dark side is fight-loving, selfish, aggressive and rude, but can be helpful at times. This s for her considerable skill, energy, and enthusiasm, and for her immense yet still mostly unrealized potential in the martial arts, demonstrated when she easily beat up a skilled Section 13 worker called Mickey in the la scene of the "Tchang Zu Portal" episode. Thanks again!!

He is a powerful sorcerer with the ability to alter gravity. In addition, he lam an accomplished martial artist in his own right, and according to Jackie in The Dog and Piggy Show, Laj himself was just like Jackie at the same age 20ss. Apparently, after he became too old for more aggressive martial arts, Uncle studied a fighting style that allowed him to knock out opponents by using nerve points he also uses the Vulcan nerve pinch instead of actual pressure points.

From the episode centered around the Pig and Dog talismans, Tohru started to have second thoughts about working for the Dark Hand. In spite lab this, he has on several occasions performed spells long-distance using these devices. I know, unfortunately I only got around to doing lqn I believe, it was in between client work, and by the time I got back to personal pieces I had moved on to other ideas.

However, with the talismans returned to Shendu, and Shendu returned to the Netherworld, the existence of this timeline is in doubt.

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