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What does it mean to be head over heels in love with someone

What does it mean to be head over heels in love with someone
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You become happier and more patient. Everything in your life ovver encased in a bliss bubble because you have that love that keeps you in a constant state of happiness.


People say they're head over heels in love when they feel disoriented and swept up by their romantic feelings. They are head over heels in love with each other.

Being in love can make you look at the world in a whole new wuat. It opens up your heart and your mind to things you never even considered to be important or thought-worthy.

Head over heels meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms

You never have to second-guess their feelings for you because they show you in every way. See More First Known Use of head over heelsin the meaning defined at sense 1a Keep scrolling for more Learn More about head over heels Share head over heels. You feel like a part of something bigger than you. Origin This phrase has reference loce people actually falling.

They're interested in your life: They want to hear all the details about your day, what your current projects are, the gossip at work, etc.

Head over heels in love - idioms by the free dictionary

This phrase is sometimes followed by "in love. Love makes you selfless. The original phrase was "heels over head," which makes sense, doee our he heelz normally over our heels. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. It's not that they're stuck on your physical appearance, but more on how amazing you are to them. This expression originated in the s as heels over head and meant literally being upside down.

They don't take you for granted in the least bit and are grateful for every little thing you do ot them. It's not about babying you, either; they simply want to provide you with every type of support you need. Certain views and aspects of your belief system can be completely rattled because of love, and this is a good thing.

Head over heels in love

Susan and Jeff used to work together and spent a lot of time with each other. They do thoughtful things for you: It's not unusual to be surprised with your favorite snacks or a glass of wine waiting for you after they've heard about your tough day.

You become happier and more patient. It opens your mind.

It ddoes parts of yourself you never knew existed. Things that would normally bore anyone else are interesting to them because they love learning more about you.

Head over heels

Every time they see you is like it's for the first time: They just can't get over how lucky they are to be with you and shower you with the same amount of love as they did when you first started dating. Everything in your life is encased in a ove bubble because you have that love that keeps you in a constant state of happiness.

The earlier, more logical, version of this phrase was heels over head ; the normal modern form dates from the late 18th century. You're their favorite person to spend time with and they genuinely enjoy your company.

Be/fall head over heels in love

The inverted form of this phrase "heels over head" was used to describe a bad fall. The idiom changed to "head over heels" around loe late s and came to be associated with falling in love. It took its present form in the s and its present meaning in the s. They're not one to ignore issues because they value the state of your relationship.

10 amazing, unexpected things about being head over heels in love

Random Word head over soemone When you're head over heels, you're confused or thrown off by something. They have heart eyes when they look at you: You catch them staring at you with adoration and they don't hold back on compliments. For some reason, it was reversed to head over heels in the eighteenth century. You feel at one with the whar, places and things around you and just having this emotion connects you to everyone else who, at that moment, feels it too.

They want to take care of you: Whether it's when you're sick or upset, they want to be the one to make you feel roes. Your SO often lets you know how much they miss ut and are already wondering when they can see you next. These 7 Episodes Help Explain," 6 Mar. Food tastes better, the sun shines brighter, and the birds chirping outside your window change from morning annoyance to natural melody all because you can see the person you love, and feel him loving you.

They want you to hang out with their friends : As much as they cherish your time together alone, they also want you to be a part of their social group. You feel nothing but loved: Skmeone way they touch you, hold you, kiss you, look at you — it all comes from a place of love. Send us feedback.

She and her husband make an amazing couple. Your safety is everything to them: Wity can't loev the thought of anything bad happening to you. Being so deeply in love is a major self-esteem boost. They always want to make sure your relationship is in good standing: If a problem arises between the two of you, they want to fix it right then and there. Related: 43 s You've Got Yourself a Keeper For Life They're never ready for you to leave: When it's time to say goodbye, they either ask you to stay or pull you in to endless hugs if you've really got to go.

They go out hrad their way to be there for you: It doesn't matter that your car broke down in the middle of the night or early in the morning — you can depend on them to help you out. You never feel alone.

Urban dictionary: head over heels

She was very attractive and had a whxt sense of humour. Little things always remind them of you and they love making you smile. They're not interested in anyone else: You never have to worry about wandering eyes because their focus is always on you.

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