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Wife fucks on a dare

Wife fucks on a dare
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Name: Marget

Age: 40
City: Bodmin, Isle, Middle Township, Rustington
Hair: Long
Relation Type: Big Women Searching Date Women
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Fbailey story Adult Truth Or Dare I finally got to go up to our hunting lodge for two weeks in the summer time. My wife talked her mother into taking our two children for the entire two weeks.


She said that I could fuck her cunt or her ass and that she would suck it clean over and over as long as I wanted to feed it to her. We talked about anything and everything. After that every Friday her father let her drink a beer and then he fucked her. The girls all wanted fucis have sex with all three of us guys at the same time too.

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Then she told us about her high school boyfriend fucking her in a theater, a boy at summer camp that took her virginity, and about a guy that she had picked up in a bar. Her mother was so happy that we would be able to spend some time alone together. I could not believe that my wife wanted a cock in her pussy, up her ass, and in her mouth at the same time. I found it to be dirty and disgusting but at the same time it really turned me on too. I did the same to the other two women making them taste all of their assholes.

It was just right for a warm summer evening.

We had all done things that were ashamed of and that we were all quite honest when giving our answers. That it had been about five years ago and that it was just a little fling with a dae that I worked with. We did more cuddling with the women, more kissing, and more hugging. April and Adam had been married for eight years. She said that it had excited me o therefore it had excited her too.

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April then asked Pricilla how many guys she had had sex with and to tell us some of her experiences. He spanked her hard and then he fucked her too. So I would be stuck with my beautiful thirty-year-old wife of ten wifr, her twenty-eight-year-old sister April, and her twenty-five-year-old sister Pricilla. Next I stocked the woodbin and made sure that I had plenty of newspaper, kindling wood, and matches to start a fire with later.

My wife talked her mother into taking our two children for the entire two weeks.

I dre Pricilla to bed with me that night too. Yes April had, to both of her sisters, her mother, and about ten of her girlfriends in high school.

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We arrived safely and we guys unpacked the vans while the girls cleaned the cabin out. That sure got my attention along with both of my brother-in-laws. Cum was dripping out of her sore pussy and down the inside of both of her legs. The party was at some house where a bunch of college guys lived. Apparently he had not known that sare.

I found out their likes and their disliked, their deepest fears, and their wildest dreams. She was stripped naked and put on display before being thrown over some guys shoulder and carried up to a bedroom. My wife knew the woman and she knew that I still worked with her.

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By each of us doing it every three hours we were able to make it through the day much better. None of the wives got dressed for the ride home. In the morning we were all naked as we drank our coffee and woke up. That day we guys paced ourselves. Before she knew it she was drunk and being molested by some of the guys. My wife asked April if she had ever made love to another woman and who she was.

When our daughters turn thirteen years old my wife wants us to bring them up to the cabin and teach each of them the art of making love to a man and to a woman. In the morning I made love to her, just her and I, with out any spectators.

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Now there would be three couples tripping all over one another for the entire two weeks. We were no longer going to keep secrets from one another either.

So my second honeymoon getaway was trashed. Please read this for more informations about "RTA label". As an after thought I ran some water in the shower and oj the air conditioning. She said that it had all been arranged and that I was going to love it. That fucking bastard.

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He knew perfectly well that I had because I had confided in him about it. That day I made sure to cum in each of my sister-in-laws twice. Pricilla and Paul had been married for five years. I was going to know when Alice had her period and when Pricilla masturbated. If she was that happy then why did she suggest that my wife invite her two sisters and their husbands along too? We started rotating wives to sleep with too.

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She said that she would and that she would serve them beer and sandwiches in the nude too, that is if she could get rid of the kids first. When I finally finished and went into the cabin I could smell food cooking. We also decided that we all needed a two-week vacation at my hunting lodge every summer for sex and friendship. About every hour one of us guys would take the three girls outside and fuck them until we cum in one of them.

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